Red River Herbs


I’m an herbalist and teacher living in Austin, Texas. I’ve received formal training as a community herbalist in the western holistic model through the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine. My work with plants is also informed by my cultural practices of Levantine folk herbalism.

When making remedies, I look to bioregional plants. In a world where our few remaining wild spaces are especially precious, I choose to limit wild harvesting to weedy herbs (such as cleavers or juniper). The majority of my remedies are grown organically in my gardens and processed fresh. What I can’t plant due to growing zone constraints, I look to source from independent, sustainable herb farmers. Everything is created using extraction methods and formulations informed by my apprenticeships and training with clinical herbalists. I use no essential oils in my practice or products, out of concerns for sustainability, safety, and efficacy.

Every product on this site was made for someone--myself, a family member, or friend. As my gardens grew, I started making more of the formulas that proved to be healing and helpful. I hope to make herbal remedies accessible through pricing that deprioritizes profit. Herbal medicine is the people's medicine!