Red River Herbs


To order, please send an email with the products you'd like over to Free pick up for locals, but please include your address for delivery in order to calculate shipping costs.

Regarding pricing:

Avoiding third-party platforms as well as expensive branding helps keeps costs down. I prioritize spending money on high-quality products (everything from solvents to seeds) from small and local businesses rather than discounted, bulk suppliers, which is reflected in the "at cost" price.

Most of my products are offered on a sliding scale basis. The lower end of the scale is considered "at cost" in terms of materials. The upper end of the scale is the "true cost" that takes into account my labor, formal training, and the costs associated with maintaining a medicinal herb garden. You can use this reference(from Alexis J. Cunningfolk) to better understand sliding scale payments.

That being said, do not feel the need to justify or explain any pricing you choose! My hope is to get herbal support in the hands of everyone who wants it. Please feel empowered to receive without worry.

Profits during the Covid-19 crisis (all purchases made beyond the "at cost" sliding scale option) will be donated to Casa Marianella, an emergency shelter in Austin that receives asylum-seekers and displaced immigrants. All purchases made above cost will receive an email with their donation receipt.

Casa Marianella works to release people from detention centers and then provides them with abundant nutritious food, case management, English classes, immigration legal services, computer access, clothing and hygiene supplies, acculturation and access to medical care and counseling.

P.S. You can also find me at @redriverherbs on Instagram!