Red River Herbs


Mood Lifting Elixir

1 oz. dropper bottle: $10

Holy Basil/Tulsi: A calming nervine that both regulates your reaction to stress while protecting your body from its harmful effects. Has been shown to protect tissues and organs from chemical, physical, psychological, and metabolic stress. Tulsi supports clear thinking and helps you cut through the fog. It’s an immunomodulator as well, and helps regulate and strengthen your body’s immune response. A fragrant and uplifting herb, it is extremely storied and frequently used in Ayurvedic traditions.

Lemon Balm: Arab physicians have noted as early as 1000 that lemon balm “causes the mind and heart to be merry”--wherever lemon balm grows, people have made use of it for everything from fevers, to cold sores, to digestive upsets. A lovely, potent, and revitalizing plant.

Motherwort: Quickly soothes feelings of anxiety and overwhelmed irritability. It is also popularly used for mood swings and pain associated with menstruation. Motherwort acts in your vascular system to relax situational hypertension (like the “blood boiling” you feel when experiencing road rage or are being yelled at) and long term use actually works to strengthen the heart (latin name--leonurus cardiaca).

Milky Oats: Beloved by herbalists---considered one of, if not the, most effective nervous system trophorestoratives (an herb that nourishes and regulates). Most medicinal when harvested in the week-long window where the oat seed is full of latex (like this one was!). Milky oats works to calm and strengthen frayed nerves over time. Additionally, it has a long traditional use as a libido enhancer.


homegrown lemon balm, fresh milky oat tops, homegrown tulsi, homegrown motherwort, spirits, organic vegetable glycerin


Take 3 to 4 dropperfuls 3 to 4 times a day. Diluting in another liquid is recommended! (At this point, we're just pouring it into our water glasses and drinking it all day long.)